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Acme Art knows that when beginning a project, your home may not be ready to be painted as is. There are repairs and prep work that must be done to insure the long life of the paint. A painting company such as Acme Art may be just the solution, since we specialize in professional painting services.

How Our Painting Service Stands Out

When painting exteriors, we power wash and sand the surface while repairing cracks and termite damage. Even old divided windows can be made to look new again through our filling, glazing and priming process. All surface preparation is done correctly so the finished product is flawless.

No project is too large or too complicated. Getting a quote is as easy as picking up the phone and scheduling a consultation with one of our painting service experts. Why wait? Call today and learn why our painting service has become so popular.

Below are some examples of homes we have painted the exterior and interior for. Notice how each of the photos reflects an ambiance beyond just painting, you could almost call the theme and color matching we do "interior design". Take a look and see for yourself:

Painting Service Example 2 Painting Service Example 3 Painting Service Example 4
Painting Service Example 5 Painting Service Example 6 Painting Service Example 7
Painting Service Example 8 Painting Service Example 9    

Give us a call for help with your painting project. Acme Art services are one of a kind, with experienced painters and efficient (also artistic) best practices.

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