Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Finishing Services Offered by Acme Art

Acme Art has over 10 years experience in refinishing kitchen cabinets in the Orange County area. Our cabinet finishers have been professionally trained to re-stain or paint your cabinets to a beautiful furniture finish. Our process for staining is sanding the wood to a smooth surface and applying a gel stain. If staining the cabinets from a light finish to a dark, several coats will be applied, and allowed to dry in between, until the color desired is achieved. Then a sealer is applied with a satin lacquer finish. We can re-stain your cabinets to almost any color you choose, whether it be a natural, or oak finish or a deep rich mahogany or cherry finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Sample

When painting cabinets such as a cream or white color, a lacquer finish is used. Our professionals can also antique cabinets for the Tuscan look, in red, gold or bronze antique. A lacquer is more durable and will last longer on areas that are used a lot. The cabinets are sanded primed and the lacquer is sprayed on. If a color is desired for painting cabinets, especially if it is like a red or a yellow or deep color, this takes several more coats to achieve the desired effect. . We install new knobs and new European hinges that are hidden behind the door. We fill the holes and sand and drill new holes for the hinges.

Our Crew of cabinet refinishers will finish your average size kitchen in approx. one week and the work is completed at your home, usually in your garage. Our prices are competitive and if your doors are in good shape, this is more cost effective than buying new cabinets. Acme Art also does entertainment centers, bathroom cabinets, libraries, and stair banisters.

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