Drywall Installation in Orange County

Orange County Drywall Installation

We specialize in professional drywall installation services for businesses and residents in the Orange County, California area. Acme Art understands what it takes to install drywall from beginning to end. We have installed hundreds of drywall sheets in the nearly ten years that we've been in business.

Our Drywall Installation Process

First we build a plan and map out the area that needs drywall installed. This includes sketching out the rooms and assembling our checklist for the project.

Next, we cut the drywall material based on our measurements. Our measuring tools are laser precision and extremely accurate.

At this point we need to know if you are going with single or double layers. Double layers of drywall provide additional fire protection, and soundproofing. Once we know which way you prefer, we'll then figure out if which direction to install the material (vertical/horizontal). Typically, if your ceiling is under 8 feet, we'll install the drywall horizontally, leaving less joints to have to worry about.

Finally, we'll install the drywall being careful not to hammer any nails to hard as that causes the drywall to split apart. We begin with the ceiling then work our way down to the walls.

We know you'll be more than satisfied with our high level of service and professionalism. Just check our testimonials page to see a list of satisfied clients.

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