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Cabinet Refinishing Company in Orange County

Acme Art, based in Orange County, California, can give your cabinets a beautiful and luxurious finish. We refinish kitchens, bathroom cabinets, entertainment centers, stair banisters and libraries. Your cabinets can be restored to their original beauty or changed from a lighter color to a deep rich mahogany or from a darker color to a beautiful oak or natural finish.

Cabinets can also be sprayed with a cream or white finish. On kitchen cabinets for durability, a lacquer finish is recommended. Our cabinet refinishing specialists can faux finish or antique cabinet doors for the Tuscan look. Our team of cabinet specialists will put on new knobs or handles on your doors and new European hinges (hidden) if desired.

For the process, the work is usually done in the garage. The doors are taken off and sanded in the garage, then the stain is applied, then a sanding sealer and topcoat are applied for a smooth satin finish. The casings in the home are completed the same way. The entire kitchen will be taped off and sealed when sanding or spraying.

For the lacquer finish, the doors are lightly sanded and then sprayed with a lacquer finish, and then antiqued if desired, and the topcoat is applied. Below are some examples of previous cabinet refinishing jobs we have done in the past.

Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4
Photo 5 Photo 6 Photo 7
Photo 8 Photo 9 Photo 10
Photo 11 Photo 12 Photo 13

Beyond being a core competency for us, professional cabinet refinishing is in our minds the essence of art. The design and overall appearance of your cabinets should reflect your uniqueness and resinate with high social stature. Allow us to refinish your cabinets to achieve the true artist ambiance you deserve.

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